Thursday, 28 January 2010

Australian Open Week 1

Current Bank £887.30

So far so good! This Australian Open has proved to be another profitable time of year. The beauty of the 4 grand slams is the high volume of liquidity in every single match. It is quite bizarre how a match with 2 unknowns can have 200k matched prior to the first ball being hit and when the same 2 faced each other a fortnight ago the was little over 10K. A lot is down to TV coverage but the grand slams are for many the only times they show an interest in the sport.

The excellent liquidity volumes make me feel more confident in the market and so on the opening day of the tournament increased stakes by 50%. This proved to be the right move as the opening 3 trades were all winners.

The Aussie Open can be difficult for someone who works full time. I find myself easily engrossed in the matches and end up with 3-4 hours sleep a night. After about 3 days of trading I felt absolutely knackered. So I decide that as week 1 has the majority of the matches I would really go for it and ease off on week 2.

With the increased stakes and near perfect markets, week one of the Australian Open provided a fantastic profit of £616.51. That has put is well on course for the jackpot.