Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Why £35,000?

Many of the other blogs you read that are going to demonstrate a run over a 12 month period are attempting £100K+ so why only £35,000. This is due to a number of reasons:

Firstly, many of the people attempting £100K fail and only hit around £20,000 over the 12 month period. That is still respectable but is a failure as far as the initial goal is concerned.

Secondly, most of the people attempting these trading challenges trade horse racing. Horse racing is a sport designed with gambling in mind. There are numerous meetings, all at convenient times in the day and all fetching in crazy amounts of market liquidity.

Tennis is very different in that most of the tournaments played will be oversees therefore making it difficult to trade every day. Tennis is not a sport designed for gambling and many of the markets simply do not possess the required levels of liquidity to trade. In 2009 I pulled in around £20,000 so for 2010 I am going the extra mile for £35,000 which I believe is an achievable target.

18 Days to Go!!!