Monday, 14 December 2009

Tennis Trading Challenge 2010 Launch!

Hello and welcome,

Allow me to introduce myself. I am a keen sports enthusiast with a real passion for tennis. I have been betting on the game for around 5 years now and up until last year my results were rather average. Betting on tennis is very difficult indeed. The tennis markets are so precise that identifying value selections is a tough process. Last year however I discovered trading.

Early 2008 I invested in Bet Angel professional with the intention of trading the horse racing. As I familiarised myself with market movements and how an exchange actually works I started to identify potential opportunities in tennis. I then waded through the mass array of bogus strategies the internet has to offer until I found a few that worked. I then repeatedly implemented these ideas and techniques, slowly but surely mastering them. In the final quater of 2008 I made a profit of just short of £6000.

Now feeling very confident in my ability as a trader I would like to set myself the above challenge of turning £100 into £35,000 buy the end of 2010. I will post P&L screenshots as we go along and discuss the strategies used in each image.

Aside from the trading I would like to use this blog to discuss all things tennis so feel free to drop me a line about anything at all.

19 Days to Go!!!