Wednesday, 30 December 2009

It Has Arrived Early

Current Bank £100

Well folks the new tennis season is here! Although I said previously we would be starting on the 3rd January they are once again running the Capitalia World Tennis Championship. This is an exhibition tournament in Dubai featuring 6 random players. The tournament is run over 3 days starting tomorrow so we are starting early :)

Rodger Federer and Raphael Nadal are given a bye through to the semi final. Challenging the top two are David Ferrer, Nikolay Davydenko, Robin Soderling and Stanislas Wawrinka. Tomorrow sees the following matches starting at 11:00am CET and are all shown on Sky:

Match 1: Ferrer v Davydenko
Match 2: Soderling v Warwinka

My Approach for Tomorrow

For all players this is their first competitive play since the close of the tennis season so don't expect a good show, however this is actually good news. The early tournaments shoot up numerous opportunities as players a take time to get back into their stride. Their mistakes provide entry points for us traders. Of the games tomorrow Davydenko and Soderling start as favorites. With the expectation that the 2 players will still be full of Christmas turkey and the fact that this is an exhibition tournament posing no real importance to either, both starting prices are far too short. Their opponents are more than capable of upsets here. Wawrinka is no mug and Ferrer showed in the Davis Cup final what he is made of.

These two matches are very similar and will be tackled using the same approach. I am going to anticipate favorite swings in both games and trade the set betting markets. I will look for further opportunities as the games pan out.

The new tennis season is here. Good luck for tomorrow. I will post results at the end of the opening day.